With Tropomi, the Dutch space industry is about to set a new standard for satellite instruments. Tropomi is about uniting technological innovation and world-class science. Data provided by this mission are key to our daily lives and also to climate research.

Without Tropomi, there would be a gap of several years when it comes to monitoring greenhouse gasses in the troposphere (the lowest part of the atmosphere and the air that we live in). Dutch climate researchers have signalled this problem, taking the initiative to build Tropomi. Today scientists, engineers and technical experts are creating an instrument that is smaller, lighter and even better than all previous versions.

This website provides news and background information on Tropomi, including detailed fact sheets. Royalty-free images, to be used online and in printed media, are available in our image database.

To ask questions or request an interview, you may contact the Netherlands Space Office.

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    • Tropomi in cleanroom TNO
    • Credits - TNO / Fred Kamphues
    • 4510 x 3280 px | 6 MB
    • In de cleanroom van TNO in Delft wordt gewerkt aan het satellietinstrument Tropomi.
    • Tropomi onderdelen
    • 678 x 558 px | 63 KB
    • Sentinel-5 precursor
    • Credits - ESA
    • 3891 x 2189 px | 2 MB
    • Artist's impression van Sentinel-5 Precursor, de satelliet met aan boord het Nederlandse instrument Tropomi.
    • Mondiale ozonkaart
    • 670 x 402 px | 146 KB
    • Nederland en ESA tekenen overeenkomst Tropomi
    • 3570 x 2340 px | 3 MB
    • Luchtvervuiling
    • 500 x 375 px | 183 KB
    • Golflengtebereik Sciamachy, Gome, Omi en Tropomi
    • Credits - Dutch Space
    • 3129 x 2386 px | 1 MB
    • Het golflengtebereik van de meetinstrumenten Sciamachy, Gome, Omi en Tropomi en de stoffen die deze instrumenten kunnen waarnemen.
    • Tropomi meting
    • 300 x 241 px | 22 KB

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